Age: Approximately 50,000 
Weight: 669 lbs.
Height: 7’3"
Race: robot of unknown manufacture

Bax is remorseless, cruel and violent. All the traits needed to excel in the Robot Cabal. He despises non-robots and loves commanding
troops in battle. 

Bax has been operational at least as long as Gauron T has.
They severed together in the Cabal during the height of it's
power. This was the time of the Robot Insurrection. Bax was 
Gauron T's superior officer in the conflict. Bax's goal was the 
destruction of the Gelic capital. This goal was undermined
by Gauron T, as he was only in the Cabal to seize the Dragon's Egg
from the Gelic Treasury. With Gauron T & his followers departure
the Cabal and Bax lost the conflict. Now the shattered remains of the
once mighty Cabal have been reduced to petty crime and mob 
activities to remain operational. Recently, the Cabal has been given
new technology and now stands to once again become a powerful