Gauron T

Age: Approximately 50,000
Weight: 617 lbs.
Height: 8’
Race: Vertilian (Extinct Confederation Member) constructed robot.

Bad. Gauron T was built for war, but missed out on it. He was prone to violence and various other underworld dealings. That has changed. Currently Gauron T is perpetually in a bad mood, irritated by the fact that Indavo now holds sway over him. Because of the Command Code Override, Gauron T’s base programming has taken over, concepts such as honor; loyalty and mercy are now part of his personality. This irks him to no end. He must obey Indavo, he doesn’t have to like him. The only way he is able to counter Indavo is with the occasional sarcastic quip. Strangely, Gauron T seems to like Racheal.

Gauron T was constructed by the Vertillian for the Confederation’s war against the Corm. He was never activated in time for it as the Transport he was stored on crashed on an obscure planet. Mysteriously activated some time later, he began as a for-hire warrior. He later joined the Robot Cabal and at it’s height, was a division leader. His interest in the Dragon’s Egg (an artifact of immense power) led him away from the Cabal. He has been a small time despot, trapped in another dimension, and most recently a gunrunner. It was while running guns that Indavo found him and decided to end Gauron T’s criminal life.