Jenny Winthorp

Age: 11
Weight: 90 lbs.
Height: 4’ 9"
Race: Humanoid

Jenny is a livewire. She is very precocious, inquisitive and tends to jump the gun a lot. However, she is a good kid. Although she's being raised to take over the Midway Corporation, she values the freedom of space travel. Perhaps this is why, she idolizes Indavo and Racheal.

Jenny was born into the Midway Corporation dynasty and will one day run this major corporation. She has completed her schooling and is learning about the trade lanes and security. She has been under the watchful eye of Drebber, her tutor/minder. Although highly suspicious of Indavo at first, he becomes an role model for her after the defeat of the Raiders. She dreams to one day travel the stars as a free agent.