Age: 30
Weight: 154 lbs.
Height: 5’ 10"
Race: Gorvarian

Good natured and inquisitive, Indavo tends to remain cheery and optimistic about the nature of the universe. It is his thirst for knowledge and adventure, which has led him to leave Gorvaria. Somewhat absent minded, he can focus on one thing at the expense of all else. He always attempts to avoid violence, but in most cases, he realizes it’s the only thing some beings respect and understand.
Being a Gorvarian, he has trouble sometimes understanding the motivations and cultures of some beings. Although he doesn’t understand things like crime, substance abuse and various other happenings, he does acknowledge their existence. Of course, he still rejects all these things.

Indavo attempted multiple times to enter the Exploration Corps Academy, but failed. Although he would have eventually gained admission, he grew impatient. His slight rebellious streak led him to repair an ancient, dilapidated exploration cruiser. He then snuck away from Confederation space and began his adventures in the Universe . . .