Age: She’s not telling!
Weight: 119 lbs.
Height: 5’ 6"
Race: Gorvarian/Humanoid

Best described as "a very knowledgeable girl from the sticks", she is very confident in her understanding of the universe. Having grown up in a primitive society, she has seen the worse side of civilization. It was her knowledge of other life in the universe that helped her stay optimistic about life. Racheal has a very playful personality; she greatly enjoys ribbing Indavo. It may be because of this that Gauron T actually seems to like her.

Racheal grew up on a primitive world, in a medieval society located there. Her Mother was a native and her Father was a marooned Gorvarian. Her mother died shortly after Racheal was born, leaving her father to raise her. From a very early age, Racheal was instructed by her Father on the technologies and cultures of the universe. The primitive natives saw him as a wizard and Racheal inherited this title when he died. She lived a simple life, until one day Indavo showed up out of the blue. After their meeting and subsequent adventure, Indavo offered to take her along on his wanderings. She accepted without hesitation.