Welcome to the Indavo FAQ! If you’re new to Indavo, this is the place where you can get up to speed on what the heck is going on! If you have a question that’s not on this page, feel free to send it in!  
Q: What is Indavo about?
Q: Confederation, Gorvarians and Corm? Wha?
A: See the Universe Section for more details. But here’s a summary. Indavo’s a Gorvarian, they are one of the three remaining members of the Confederation of Sentient Species. The Confederation only has three remaining members because of their war with the Corm. The Corm where a race of Sulfur-based Life forms that were conquering their way across the universe, they destroyed the other members of the Confederation, but were in turn wiped out by the other three Confederation races in a prolonged conflict.
Q: There are a lot of Villains running around in Indavo, which one is the main one?
A: That would be the Immortal Emperor, the true power behind Epic and phantom ruler of many worlds.
Q: What’s his deal?
A: Universal Domination, pretty standard really.
Q: Is The Time Traveler in the Big Hat really an older Indavo guiding his younger self through events?
A: It’s one of many possibilities. (Come on, I can’t just answer that!) Let’s review some possibilities about his true nature . . .
    1. He’s Indavo and is guiding his younger self through events he’s lived.
    2. He’s related to Indavo in some way. (Indavo and Racheal’s Son?!)
    3. He’s a member of some sort of Temporal Agency that has taken an interest in Indavo.
    4. He’s testing and preparing Indavo for some event.
    5. He’s setting Indavo up for a big fall.
    6. He’s a temporal freelancer who likes to mess around with people.
    7. He’s the Immortal Emperor

    8. He’s Helen Shapiro. (My money's on this one!)
    9. All of the Above.
    10. None of the Above.
(This ought be put that cat among the pigeons.)
Q: Robots? Why?
A: I’ve always liked robots and Transformers. The Robot Cabal is my take on Don Perlin’s run on the Transformers. I always thought it would be neat to have a series where the good guys had a robot that looked like a Transformer-style robot rather than your standard Sci-Fi Robot. It helps set Indavo apart. (I REAAAAALLLLLLY like drawing Gauron T!)
Q: Will we see the Robot Cabal again?
A: Most definitely! They have a major appearance coming up soon!
Q: Will we see the Pirates again?
A: They appeared in year three. They might be back again!
Q: Will Racheal and Devora have a showdown? In a tub of Jell-O?
A: They did. No Jell-O. Bikinis were in play though!
Q: Will we ever see Racheal naked, I mean without anything covering the interesting bits?
A: Sorry, I have a policy of handling that in the same way Image Comics does, something always conveniently in the way. But my arm could be twisted . . . Or I could be bribed . . .
Q: What sort of underwear does Indavo wear? 
A: I'm not really too sure, either some sort of brief Brief or he's going "Commando".
Q: Why do you have the Characters weights listed in the Cast page?
A: It’s a common thing in Manga and Anime series. But it has caused me some problems . . .
Q: Don’t you think Racheal’s weight is a little too low for a her build and muscle tone?
A: Nah, not really. Racheal’s body type is somewhat based on a girl I know . . .
She’s actually . . . erm . . .more endowed than Racheal.
Q: Will Amanda and Smith from your 24 Hour Comic be appearing in Indavo?
A: Yes, indeed they will.
Q: Does Indavo realize Racheal has fallen for him?
A: See Here

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